Super Robot Chogokin Aquarion Evol

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Super Robot Chogokin Aquarion Evol

Mugen Punch effects

Mugen Punch! Aquarion’s signature move.

Comparison with Solar Aquarion

Weighs 130 Grams (Solar Aquarion is 154 Grams).

Diecast parts include:
-Lower legs
-Main joints connecting to the torso

Spoiler.. Aquarion Evol is actuallly Aquarion LOVE spelled backwards (as it appears in the final episode). Hence the “heart-shaped” crown on its head.

Even though I enjoyed the Evol series more than the first one (more likeable cast), it’s not exactly one of the better Super Robot Anime for me. Getting the SRC is just for completion’s sake since I doubt we’ll be getting an Aquarion Evol toy in any other form.


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