Super Robot Chogokin Big Volfogg

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Super Robot Chogokin Big Volfogg

Big Volfogg’s attacks:

4000 Magnum

Effects parts:

Melting Siren (based off Galeon’s roar, can disrupt Zonder protective fields). The chest light bars don’t actually light up, I just gave it some Photoshop lens flare.

Jet Wapper

There’s a wire inside the cable so that makes it poseable.

Murasame Sword – Big Volfogg’s melee weapon.

The Good

-Volfogg’s diecast parts are in the thighs, groin joints, elbows and feet.

-I’m also glad Bandai made his fist pegs more practical. It was sooooo damn hard to change Choryujin’s fists because of the weird rectangular pegs.

-Love the Murasame Sword effects parts

-4000 Magnum effects parts was a nice “bonus”.

The Bad
-I do wish Bandai included some sort of effects parts to replicate the Daikaiten Daidaman (Whirling Death Strike) attack, as it is Big Volfogg’s final attack,

The Ugly
-No major problems stick out here. Another solid SRC release.


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