Super Robot Chogokin Black Getter

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Super Robot Chogokin Black Getter


Getter Machine Guns

Getter Beam

Comparison with SRC Getter 1


Personally, I think it sucks that these weapons are exclusive to each other (Black Getter does not come with Tomahawks and Getter 1 does not come with the guns). I think Bandai should’ve done a solid for the fans and made them both accessible to both versions. It’s not like we’re going to buy the Black Getter just for the guns. Shame on you, Bandai.

Getter weighs roughly 157 Grams. Diecast parts include the lower legs, upper part of the torso and the torso-connecting joints.

Overall, it looks better than Getter 1, even thought they didn’t improve on the primary design or anything, particularly with regards to the tummy area. I guess with the grey and black colors, plus the matte finish paint and paint apps on the cape, makes the horrible tummy design less noticeable? Maybe…


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