Super Robot Chogokin Dai-Guard

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Super Robot Chogokin Dai-Guard



Dai-Guard’s attacks are all melee based. In most instances, Dai-Guard loses an arm evry in every battle.

SRC Dai-Guard comes with a lot of weapons based from the show.

Drill Arm

Finger Net

Mine trap (for creating pit traps for Heterodynes)

Spike (for taking out Fractal Knots on the Heterodynes)

Rocket Punch

Knot Punisher – an upgraded form of the Knot Buster (will come later packaged with Kokubogar)

Near the end, Knot Punisher gets upgraded to Great Knot Punisher, with Dai-Guard now retaining both hands for use.

Dai-Guard is the heaviest SRC so far. 289 Grams (the second heaviest is GGG, 239 Grams). Diecast parts mostly in the legs (not including feet) and sections of the torso.

Impact Effect parts

The parts come with 2 types of attachments, one for the Soul Stage base, one for plugging into ball joints.

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