Super Robot Chogokin Gaofighgar

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Super Robot Chogokin Gaofighgar

The abdominal section comes off to reveal the Evolual Ul-Tech Power source for powering up the Broken Phantom (Phantom Ring) and Protect Wall (Wall Ring).

Wall Ring!

Protect Wall!

Comparison of Protect Shade (from GGG) and Wall accessories.

Phantom Ring!

Broken Phantom!

Ul-Tech engine powered wings.

Drill Knee

GFG does not come with his own Dividing Driver. So you will have to borrow Gaogaigar’s.

Goldion Hammer Safety Device – Release!

Hammer Connect!!!

Goldion Hammer!!!!

Transform into Light!!!!!

Hell and Heaven

gemu giru gan go gufo….

Group shots with Gaogaigar, Genesic Gaogaigar and Gaofighgar.

Optional “handshake” hands for GGGG and GFG. .

The Good
-Diecast parts include
–Sides of the lower legs and feet
–Core section of the torso
–Toro-connected main joints

-Weighs 354 Grams – Heaviest SRC YET!!!

-SRC Gaogaigar – 235 Grams
-SRC GGGG -344 Grams

-Optional rubber (soft plastic?) helmet crest included

-Effects parts for the Phantom and Wall Rings included.

-Love the removable ab-piece that reveals the Evolual Ul-tech power.

-No swapping of parts for the Hell and Heaven! Hurray! .

-Protect Wall effects is thankfully made of thicker plastic compared to the flimsy Protect Shade that came with GGG.

The Bad

-No Dividing Driver?

-Swapping the clear parts on the wings can be a bit scary, I actually just popped off the wingtips once and never reattached them again. Safer that way.

-Helmet Crest falls of a bit easily. I lost count of how many times it fell off during the photo shoot.

The Ugly

-Hammer Connect Fail????? For some reason, the peg won’t lock up properly when connecting the Goldy Marg/ Marg Hand. It goes in, clicks, but pops right out again. In most of my pics, I just ended up sticking the peg in but not locking it in place. What happened Bandai??!

Overall, a decent figure in itself (heaviest SRC… wow). But, man, that problem with connecting the Marg Hand really let me down. I wonder if they’ll release a (here we go again) version 2?

Geez I’m glad Bandai did the SRC GGGG right with zero issues and semi-broke the GGG toy curse (every toy released after Takara had issues prompting version 2’s) but it seems we’re right back in the saddle again with GFG. Sigh….

Still, if you’re a GGG fan, this is a must have to fill in the collection. .


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