Super Robot Chogokin Gear Fighter Dendoh and Knight Star Ogre

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Super Robot Chogokin Gear Fighter Dendoh and Knight Star Ogre

When Dendoh is powered down, his face guard is down. Bandai included an extra head for this.

They also included an extra face plate for “gritting teeth” expressions, though you can’t really see the expression that well.

Also be careful with the points on his face guard, they are VERY sharp!!

Clear effects parts (identical for both Dendoh and Ogre)

Dendoh stands roughly 5.75” tall. Weighs roughly 150 Grams (much heavier than SRC Mazinger Z). Metal Parts for both Dendoh and Ogre are the same, only in the silver parts of the arms and legs and core sections of the torso.

Extendable joints in the waist, mid torso and crotch make the figure more poseable.

Thruster parts.

“Battery Cell”, too bad there aren’t any removable batteries.

Without the Data Weapons, Dendoh initially fought using special techniques.

Data Weapon – Unicorn Drill

Data weapons clip onto the metal parts on the forearms.


The joint here is very weak (design flaw?), I was surprised they used this kind of joint for the wrists. I would recommend not swapping out the fists if possible. I broke it without even trying.

Similar to Dendoh, Ogre also has mostly the same parts and accessories.

“Battery cell”


Spare face plate (with gritting teeth) and face guard open head.

Clear “effects” parts

Data Weapon. Viper Whip

“Whip” parts

Yep, Dendoh got his gear fighter butt whupped twice by Ogre. But by the end, the pilot of the Ogre shook off his brainwashing and the Ogre was piloted by Ginga, while Hokuto continued piloting the Dendoh solo.

Last but not least, Bandai threw in an online survey form (I blotted out the code on mine) it’s nice to know they’re actually interested in the consumer response.

Funfact : In one episode, Dendoh lost all of it’s Data Weapons, as a result, Dendoh had to rely on “back up weapons”. If you’re an Anime Fan, you’ll pick up from which popular Anime the weapons are based on.


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