Super Robot Chogokin Getter 1 OVA version

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Super Robot Chogokin Getter 1 OVA version

Getter Wing!

Getter Tomahawk!

Getter Beam!

Effects part

With the SRC Mazinger Z

With the SRC Shin Getter 1

With the Sentinel x T-Rex Getter 1

The Good

-Weighs 144 Grams

-Diecast parts include
–Lower legs
–main joints

-Interesting joint design here to allow for more range of motion.

The Bad
-No Getter Machine Guns? I guess they’re coming with the Black version?

-Getter Wing design. I like that it has a joint, but I was hoping it to be more of a more poseable joint instead of just a simple (and awkward) hinge joint. Plus the line break on Getter’s back makes it look bad. It even looks bad when you look at it from the front. You can clearly make out the huge gap in the cape.

-Getter Beam prop looks kinda wrong. It looks more like Getter getting blasted in the tummy rather than a beam shooting out.

The Ugly

The belly engineering. It just looks awkward. Maybe I’m posing it wrong but it looks really bad. I think it would’ve been better if they just kept the black belt part painted to either the upper or lower torso? Instead having that part as a seperate piece has it coming out all wrong.

Overall, slightly better than the SOC OVA Getter 1, but I’d still pick the Sentinel X T-Rex version. There are some odd design and engineering choices here for me (the cape, the Getter Beam effect, the belt) that sort of spoils the figure. Your mileage may vary but for me this kind of feels like a step in the wrong direction.


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