Super Robot Chogokin God Reideen

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Super Robot Chogokin God Reideen

For those curious about God Reideen, he’s a character from Reideen the Superior (Chouja Reideen) and is the final enemy. The God Reideen was created by the ancestors of the Human Reideens and used to seal away the Super Demon race, it’s resurrected in modern day and under the control of the Super Demon Lushu and devastates Shinjuku and several other major cities.

It first appears in Episode 25 (total series run was 38 episodes). The God Reideen reappears again in the final 2 episodes of the show (set a year after the events of episode 29) with the intent of destroying the Earth, to purge all “evil”.

God Block

God Break

God Gogun

God Voice

God Bird mode requires swapping the helmet.

Unlike Reideen the Brave, this one can stand pretty well in God Bird mode, despite having diecast legs.

Comparison with SRC Reideen the Brave

Funfact: During the course of battle, the God Reideen morphs his colors to black in the Anime, similar to the color scheme of the exclusive SRC figure.

Diecast parts include :
– The lower legs (front part only)
– Sections of the torso

Sad to say, I find this one to be the worst SRC release ever. The joints (shoulders and groin) were ridiculously floppy, plus getting the God Reideen to hold the God Arrow pose is a chore. It took me about half an hour to get the pose right (the joints kept sagging on me) It totally killed the experience for me. I don’t know if this is just limited to my unit though.


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