Super Robot Chogokin Great Mazinger

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Super Robot Chogokin Great Mazinger


-No more wrap around for the outer box? Too bad, it was kinda cool on Mazinger’s box


Mazin Go!

Mazin Blade!

Drill Pressure Punch!

With the Rocket Punch Effect accessories from the Weapons pack.

Great Boomerang!

The chest piece is something like a snap on button for Great Maz’s chest.

The Thunder Break accessory smells really bad, just like the Rocket Punch effect parts. The clear plastic parts give off a burnt rubber smell. This may cause the trays to turn yellow faster…?

The “Lightning” accessory has two types, the finger type and the Mazin Blade type. There’s only one per piece though so you can’t do a “Double Thunder Break” pose.

Thunder Break!

Thunder Break with Mazin Blade combo.

Great Mazinger actually started using this combo as early as the second episode (talk about overkill! )

Great Mazinger’s leg fins are placed on slots on the legs, you have to pop out the panel covers first though. I was impressed at the way they designed the way the panel covers to come off, very unique IMHO.

Scramble Dash!

With SRC Mazinger Z (is it just me or does Great Mazinger’s head look tiny next to Mazinger?)

With Gx-02R Great Mazinger and Yamato Hero Collection Great Mazinger

With SRC Mazinger Z and Revoltech Grendizer

Double Rocket Punch!

Double Breast Fire!

Last but not least, two right hands for “handshakes” are included with Great Mazinger

Things to look out for:

The pointed areas of Great Mazinger’s elbows, thighs and even on the Drill Pressure Punch! These points are sharp! You can cut yourself if you’re not careful.


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