Super Robot Chogokin Great Mazinkaiser

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Super Robot Chogokin Great Mazinkaiser

Note the orientation of Great Mazinkaiser’s forearms when returning him to the tray. The longest pointed blades should be facing upwards.

Hailing from the Shin Mazinger Zero vs. Great General of Darkness manga series, Great Mazinkaiser is an upgraded Great Mazinger. Almost similar to Mazinger Zero, Great Mazinger possesses 4 of the 7 Black boxes that Mazinger Zero has (Mazinger Zero has all 7). Once the Great Mazinger combines with the Great Booster, it can morph into the Great Mazinkaiser

Great Mazinkaiser’s forearms have a longer-pointed tip on the lateral side.

Even though Great Mazinkaiser doesn’t have a Reitou beam attack, you can still turn his horns down, similar to Mazinkaiser.

As mentioned, of the 7 Mazin Power Black Boxes, Great only has 4.
-Absorption (absorbs energy attacks and converts into own power source)
-Transformation (Mazin Change?)

It does NOT have:
-Prediction of Higher Order (prediction of opponent’s moves)
-Reality manipulation
-Metamorphosis (growing super-sized weapons out of thin air)

To activate the transformation, Great Mazinkaiser needs to link up with its Great Booster.

The Great Mazinkaiser’s Scrander has no moveable joints. It’s pretty much a whole wing set.

Turbo Smasher Punch!

Great Tornado!

Great Blaster!

God Thunder!

Kaiser Sword!

Versus the Mazinger Zero

In the Super Robot Wars V video game, the developers used Mazin Emperor G to fill in for Great Mazinkaiser to fight Mazinger Zero. In the Manga, Great Mazinkaiser appears only once, after Tetsuya triggers the transformation from Great Mazinger to Great Mazinkaiser and uses the Great Mazinkaiser to rescue Koji from the berserk Mazinger Zero, Koji is sent back in time to prevent that particular timeline (Mazinger Zero vs Great Mazinkaiser) from happening.

Basically, it’s Koji doing a Back to the Future, Groundhog Day kind of deal to stop the Mazinger Zero from forming and destroying the entire multiverse, with a humanoid Minerva serving as the Flux Capacitor/time-travel-enabling spirit guide.

On a side note, I discovered my SRC Shin Mazinger Zero’s hands started to become dull and rub off for some reason, despite being only put in its box and stored in a dry, cool room in a cardboard box. Very strange. Anyone else have this problem? It happened to both fists and opened hands on my unit.

Comparison with SRC Mazinkaiser.

As far as I can tell, they reused only certain parts to make the Great. Only the biceps, abdomen, lower legs and feet seem to be reused. The rest seem to be all new sculpting.

Comparison with SRC Mazin Emperor G.

Great Mazinkaiser’s sword is definitely the longest amongst these. I’ll have to compare it to SKL’s sword later on to be sure.

The Good
-Weighs 290 Grams (324 Grams with Scrander equipped) and stands 6.75″ tall.

-Diecast parts include:
–Upper Torso
–Lower Legs
–Primary joints

-Surprisingly, I think Bandai trimmed down the sharp points on this figure. I didn’t get poked on my fingertips as much as I did on the other Kaisers.

-Pretty good. No QC problems noted.

The Bad
-Scrander sports no hinges or joints.

-Not much in terms of accessories. With the Emperor G at least we got an “active” heat sink effects parts chest plate. Here, all we get is the Scrander and the sword plus extra hands. Sigh…

The Ugly

The price? This one’s about as pricey as the Mazin Emperor G and that one was taller and had way more unique parts and accessories. But I can understand why they went with a Tamashii Web release for this guy (never to be seen again in canon after the events of the Manga?).

Overall, an okay release. Not exactly a “must have” for some folks I reckon, since it only appeared briefly and got erased from existence. If you can find one with a decent price though, I recommend getting him as he does seem to be scarce from the get go and prices for him have been going up steadily (backtracking this guy later on is going to be a pain I think).

Funfact In this timeline/reality, Kenzo Kabuto (Koji’s dad), keeps mass-produced Tetsuya clones in stock to pilot the Great Mazinger/Great Mazinkaiser, as the G-forces generated by piloting such a high output machine quickly cripple the organs of its pilots. Creepy…

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