Super Robot Chogokin Grendizer and Spazer

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Super Robot Chogokin Grendizer and Spazer

Screw Crusher Punch!

Double Harken!! (Note that the color of the Harken handles have also been changed to match this figure’s blue)

Spazer Cross!

Watch out for this fin. It’s really thin and looks like it will snap off if you aren’t careful.

Soul Stage Act 5 display base (included with the set).

The arms plug into the holes at the bottom of the Spazer.

Space Thunder!

Spin Saucers!

Spin Drills

Comparison with the first release Grendizer

I recall there was some mention of a retooling of the head back in the day. I guess it was just a mistranslation. Both heads have the same sculpt. Just different colors.

Comparison with the SOC Spazer (for those curious)

These parts are exclusive to their individual sets.

It really sucks that we don’t get these effects parts with this set.

Space Thunder!!

Screw Crusher Punch!

The Good
-Weigh in
— Spazer – 146 Grams
— Grendizer -171 Grams (curiously, the original SRC Grendizer is 170 Grams…)
— Grendizer + Spazer – 312 Grams

-Diecast parts are the same with the stand alone SRC Grendizer (upper torso, lower legs and primary joints)

-Show accurate colors! It’s like Grendizer walked right out of the cartoon. The only downside is that the white paint now sort of clashes with the silver colors on SRC Mazinger and Great Mazinger.

-“Spazer Cross” is easy to do and slots in perfectly. The “compressed” sides gimmick for Grendizer’s arms inside the Spazer is pretty sweet and certainly feels a lot easier to do compared to the Cm’s Corp. version.

-Swapping out the saucer accessories is relatively clever and easy to do (just push them sideways until the lids pop free) . Slick job here Bandai. .

-Optional Soul Stage Act 4 included for the Spazer was a nice touch.

The Bad
-Zero diecast on the Spazer. I was hoping for a little somewhere, anywhere. Zilch….

-Popping in the wings of the Spazer is a bit tricky, and I am worried about repeatedly popping them in and out over time will break something. I liked the way it was done on the SOC back then.

-That line gap on this back parts of the lower legs. It was already awkward to look at with the original SRC release back then, so I was really hoping they would fix this with this release with simply painting a red line down to fix the “gap”.

-Both versions of the Spazers are Tamashii Web Exclusives! It would have been nice, if, at the very least, Bandai made one of them a mass retail release for folks who don’t have access to TWEs IMHO.

-No Koji’s little TFO? Was hoping they would throw this in. It’s not as if Bandai will be releasing a stand alone TFO in the foreseeable future.

The Ugly

Personally I hate the fact that the set does not come with the “effects” accessories from the stand alone Grendizer set. It wouldn’t add much to the cost of the set and it would have made this set perfect.

Despite of a few misses, this set is still really impressive. The flat, disc-like look of the Spazer is very spot on to the Anime. I dare say this is the most show accurate representation of the Spazer in toy form so far (the releases from other companies always seemed too bulky for me).


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