Super Robot Chogokin Kotetsu (Steel) Jeeg

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Hi all, here’s the review for the Super Robot Chogokin Kotetsu (Steel) Jeeg

In the Anime, most of Jeeg’s attacks are based on physical punches and kicks. With the occasional grappling moves.

Here’s a clever little design gimmick. To get Jeeg to pose right for his “Knuckle Bomber” attack, some sections have “hidden” expansion joints.

Knuckle Bomber!

Spin Storm!

Mach Drills

(Soul Stage not included with this set)

Height comparison with the SRC Kurogane colors Mazinger Z. (Jeeg is supposed to be small, so no real complaints from me here)

The Good
-Diecast parts include:
–Center part of the chest
–Lower legs
–Top half of the feet
–Main joints

-Weighs 84 Grams

-Can do most of Jeeg’s poses from the Anime, thanks to some well placed “pullout joints” designs.

The Bad
-Weighs 84 Grams (lol… light weight)

-No Magnet joint gimmick (was hoping for at least one spot on this guy that had the gimmick).

-Since Jeeg can’t separate into his components, I guess there’s little point in hoping for a Big Shooter down the road.

-Lots of lacking weapons. (Jeeg Bazooka, Jeeg Buckler)

-No Panzeroid (the horse)? It was unveiled a while back, then nothing. Hopefully it’s coming in the future.

-Jeeg seems a bit stocky to me, I wish they made him a little more proportional. They did take some liberal designs with SRC Grendizer, after all…

The Ugly
The odd “waist cup” design for the hips. I don’t know, but it really bothered me. I mean, it looks fine on its own, but when you start to pose or handle the figure, it starts to wiggle and shake like a Tiki doll. It seems really out of place for a “macho”, stocky robot.

Overall, it’s okay, but not what I expected from the SRC line. It pales in comparison with the CM’s Corp. Jeeg. It just somehow fails to impress. Maybe if it came with Panzeroid or more weapons? It feels more like something they just released for the sake of releasing a classic Jeeg Figure. Not Bandai’s best release, that’s for sure.


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