Super Robot Chogokin Mazin Emperor G

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Super Robot Chogokin Mazin Emperor G


SPOILER WARNING for those who haven’t played SRW V yet.

The Mazin Emperor G was made by Koji’s parents in secret and Koji’s father even went as far as stealing the secrets of the Getter Radiation from Saotome labs to combine with Photonic Energy to power this new machine so that it would be a match for Mazinger Zero. The Emperor was meant to be a secret contingency against the Mazinger Zero (the final “evolved” form of Mazinger Z) in case it ever fully “awoke” and went out of control (which it did at one point).

In the SRW V game, it follows the Shin Mazinger Z saga and it is revealed that Tetsuya is Koji’s actual uncle (his mom’s brother) which survived the events shown in the Anime.

Funfact: In DLC (DownLoadable Content) for the SRW V game, one scenario sets the stage for Mazin Emperor G getting hijacked by the bad guys and Koji returning the favor and saving Tetsuya.

Funfact 2: Originally, in the Shin Mazinger Z manga, it was Great Mazinkaiser who stepped up to fight the berserker Mazinger Zero. For some unknown reason, they changed it to Mazin Emperor G for the SRW V game. My guess would be probably access to the rights at the time of the game’s development so they had to create their own character for the story to progress.

Some great scans from the Shin Mazinger Z Manga here:

A few things and details before we go into the full toy.

Emperor Pileder? Emperor Condor? The name for Tetsuya’s little vehicle is never officially revealed in the game or even in the toy’s manual. It is simply referred to as “head unit” in the parts text list.

Yeah… “head unit” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, no?

Connecting the “head unit” to the Emperor is easy enough and it stays stuck in very well, better than the Pileders and Brain Condors from the other SRC Mazingers and their many, many, many repaints.

The chest plate connector is a plastic ball joint on a plastic neck. Hopefully it won’t break at some point. Not a big fan of this design idea.

It’s Scrander is called the Emperor Aureole. The connection is standard and can be swapped around with some of the other newer SRCs.

There’s a hinge joint system on the Aureole.

Mazin go!

In the Super Robot Wars V game, it’s mentioned that Mazin Emperor G runs on a Photonic Energy and Getter Radiation powered hybrid engine. This sort of explains why the Emperor has eyeballs, as this is something that’s usually related to Shin Getter and the Getter Radiation storylines.

Mazin Emperor G’s attacks

Rust Typhoon

Great Smasher Punch

Unfortunately, the set does not come with the actual Great Smasher Punch forearms. (similar to Great Mazinger’s Drill Pressure Punch, the Emperor’s forarms grow blades for added effect)

You can attach the older effects from the Mazinger Weapons pack. (Heh, sorry, I couldn’t find my Mazinkaiser & Shin Getter Weapons pack for a proper shot).

Great Blaster

Bandai included an optional “effect” chest plate for the Great Blaster.

Thunder Bolt Breaker

For the Thunder Bolt Breaker, I decided to go with the “Figure Rise Effects- Aura Effect Blue” effects parts as the SH Figuarts effect seemed too small for this.

Sadly, the effect doesn’t have a central point to gather all the effect ends. So it’s not perfect.

For the curious, you can’t put the Thunder Break effect from SRC Great Mazinger on this figure, as the Emperor’s hand/finger is way bigger and won’t fit the slot.

BUT you can fit the effect meant for the Thunder Break Mazin Blade on the Emperor’s finger. Although it might need support if pointing horizontally.

Emperor Sword
For the Emperor Sword, Bandai included a little washer cuff to place onto the wrist, this is to help hold the massive Sword straight for those “one-hand” poses. It is a bit difficult to push in and out of position since it requires a little bit of force to get the job done.

Again, the Figure Rise Effect is a good addition for this pose.

Comparison with the SRC Great Mazinger

Comparison with SRC Mazinkaiser.

Supposedly, the original name for this guy was Great Mazinkaiser. I’m not sure how accurate that info is.

The Good
-Weighs 260 Grams without the Scrander and 319 Grams with the Scrander equipped

-Stands roughly 7.25 inches tall
-Diecast parts include
–Lower legs
–Top portions of the feet (bottom “soles” are plastic)
–Primary joints

-Great Blaster effect optional chest panel is a welcome added touch. They should do this with every “Mazinger” release.

-Optional “washer” part for the wrists to help hold the sword is a great idea. It is really impressive how Bandai puts some thought into these little details.

-Although the “eyeballs/pupils” are there, they don’t really standout so much as compared to say, the Shin Getter.

The Bad
-Lacking some of the accessories
— Emperor Blades
–Great Smasher Punch
–Alternate Scrander mode for the Emperor Aureole for when Emperor does the Emperor Sword attack.

-Knees don’t have ratchet joints (only the elbows have them).

-Too tall? It’s over 7″. It’s taller than Mazinkaiser, I’m not sure what to make of that.

-A lot of sharp points on this toy, make sure you read the manual to avoid them all.

-No Effects parts for the Great Smasher Punch (possible weapons pack later on?)

-This might be an issue for some, the Aureole has a fin on its back. It’s hard plastic. If for some unfortunate reason your figure falls over backwards, there is a good chance this will snap. The shallow heels of the figure don’t help either. So be careful how you pose this guy.

The Ugly

Hard plastic for the Emperor Aureole? I was sort of expecting some sort of soft rubber pvc material for this. I guess they went with ABS plastic due to it being lighter? Whatever the reason, you can see some of the bits where the frame was cut from the plastic “tree”. So it gives off a “model kit” kind of feel when you see it. I was expecting better execution here. Oh well…

Overall, an impressive figure. It really stands out when put next to the other SRC Mazingers, even more than the Mazinkaisers, mainly due to its height and grand “cape” design. I do find it a bit too tall (heck, it’s just a quarter of an inch shorter than the SOC Danguard Ace) and the odd choice design for the yellow part of the wings needs some getting used too, but I suppose one’s mileage may vary.

It will be interesting to see how big the SRC Mazinger Zero will be when it rolls out.

Here’s the link to the old SH Figuarts Tamashii Effect Parts Lightning.

Bandai Tamashii Effect Parts Lightning


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