Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger Z – Iron Cutter Version

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Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger Z – Iron Cutter Version

The Pileders. Both Jet and Hover are included in this set. Jet is from after Mazinger gets his upgraded weapons (i.e. the Iron Cutters).

Mazin go!

In the Anime, the Iron Cutters were only introduced after Mazinger got his upgrades, which included the Jet Scrander wings and Drill Missiles, amongst others.

Scrander Cross!

Iron Cutter!!

Breast Fire!!

Comparison with the recently released “Kurogane” colors SRC Mazinger.

Scranders sport different designs too (Iron Cutter version on the left)

Quick notes:
-Diecast parts are still the same as the previous SRC Mazingers (chest, waist, thighs and lower legs)

-The Jet Pileder, Iron Cutter arms are exclusive to this set.

-No Jet Pileder wings included. So you can’t display the Jet Pileder in “undocked” mode.

-Not much in terms of accessories.

-Sharp Iron Cutters!!! Watch out for those pointy tips! You’re likely to poke yourself and bleed a little (I did).

-No “firing Iron Cutter” spring gimmick.

Overall, this Mazinger seems too blue for me. I’m OK with the blue parts on the legs and forearms, as they sort of resemble the blue from the SOC Mazinger, but the blue on the thighs, waist and biceps seem too much. I think it would’ve been better if they stuck with simple grey or silver instead of how they did it here.

I’ll still stick with Kurogane Maz as my go to SRC Mazinger figure. I can’t say I can recommend this figure unless you’re aiming to complete all the SRC repaints of Mazinger Z. This is the 9th redeco of this mold, not counting the upcoming Jeeg color version (10th) and the Shin Mazinger Z molds and redecos.

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7-Mazinger Z Year of the Monkey Colors Edition
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9-Mazinger Z Iron Cutter Edition
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