Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger Zero

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Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger Zero

Hailing from the very convoluted Shin Mazinger Zero Manga (which involves time travel, reality jumping and multiverse stuff), this version of Mazinger Z is the most powerful of all, capable of destroying the Earth and even multiple timelines.

The Mazinger Zero is actually a transformed Mazinger Z (in the Shin Mazinger timeline).

The Mazinger Z in the Shin Mazinger series has a sentient A.I system and also has a 7 Black Box system (similar to the 7 chakra). The Black Box system can be unlocked and each grants Mazinger Z (and in Zero State) unique powers.

-Regeneration – any damage is self-repaired in seconds.

-Assimilation – can absorb all energy attacks and convert it to its own power source.

-Strengthening – increases armor and power output.

-Prediction of Higher Order – essentially, a prediction ability, can be used to change the outcome of any situation.

-Metamorphosis – transformation of any part of Mazinger’s body (such as the Scrander changing into the Zero form and the Iron Cutter blade can grow to immense sizes in Zero state).

-Reality Manipulation – can see into other realities and even alter current reality to generate the Rocket Punch barrage seen in the Shin Mazinger TV series finale.

-Mazin Change – absorbs the pilot, combines the power of all other Black boxes at once and changes Mazinger Z into Mazinger Zero.

Mazinger Zero’s attacks

Iron Cutter!

The Iron Cutters are mounted on a seperate cuff on Mazinger’s forearms. This cuff rotates so it’s easier to get the huge blades into proper position.

I tried using the effects parts from Mazinkaiser on it but they were just too heavy for this guy. He has no problem using the regular Mazinger Z Rocket Punch parts though.

Koshiryoku Beam!

In the Manga, Zero’s beams have the ability to pierce through the planet!

Breast Fire!

Breast Fire plates (aka “heat sinks”?) can be removed.

The “ears” or horns on Mazinger Zero’s head fall off VERY easily, I never encountered this on any of the other Mazingers. I guess the pegs are shorter here? Whatever the reason, be very mindful, as the pieces are small and can get lost very easily.

Comparisons with SRC Mazin Emperor G and Shin Mazinger.

In the SRW V game timeline, Tetsuya uses the Mazin Emperor G to stop a rampaging Mazinger Zero. In the Manga, Tetsuya piloted the Great Mazinkaiser.

The Good
-Figure weighs roughly 329 Grams and stands roughly 6″ tall.

-Diecast Parts include:
–Sections of the lower legs
–Main joints

-Mazinger’s feet can flip open for added poseability.

-Great tooling, looks very, very impressive.

The Bad
-Missing the giant Iron Cutters. In the SRW V game, the Iron Cutter blades grow to ridiculous size thanks to the mecha’s Metamorphosis ability.

-Shoulders can’t hold the Mazinkaiser Punch effects parts, they’re too heavy and cause the arms drop.

-Jaw cannot open. I was hoping it could so we can do a “yelling at the sky” pose properly.

-Not really a whole lot going on in the accessories area.

-A bit short compared to Mazin Emperor G. Makes me wonder how Great Mazinkaiser will fare later on.

The Ugly

No real deal breakers with this release. The figure looks really good though and looks very imposing, but some fans might find some quirky issues with it. One is the lack of accessories, like the Giant Iron Cutter (maybe later on as a weapons pack add-on?).

Another possible issue is it isn’t as tall as Mazin Emperor G, the gap in their height does stand out a bit unless you put them in an action pose.

Lastly, watch out for the “ears” falling out. I cannot stress this enough. Mine fell out twice while posing the figure and I barely made contact with it. I’m seriously considering gluing the pieces in place.

Overall, a good piece. Not perfect (SRC Mazinkaiser is still the best “Mazinger” for me) but the look and feel of the figure definitely has a great shelf presence.

For recommended further reading:

Funfact: They actually assigned a acronym for Mazinger this time.
M- Multi-dimensional
A- Automaton
Z- Zillion
I- Infinity
N- Neural
G- Generative
E- Exterminate
R- Reverter

Uhh… OK. Sure, why not, right fellas? lol….


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