Super Robot Chogokin Mazinkaiser SKL Final Count Ver.

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Super Robot Chogokin Mazinkaiser SKL Final Count Ver.

Opening Credits

Kaiser’s right eye is damaged in the halfway into the mini-series and for some reason it stays damaged even in the epilogue, meaning they never bothered to try and repair it. lol..

Ganzanto (literally means “Fang Crushing Sword”)

Ganzanto’s handle can shaft to a longer configuration.

Clips onto Kaiser’s back with the help of this clip.

Wing Cross!

It’s only when the Kaiser is attached to the Wingle via Wing Cross can it access it’s full power and unleash new attacks.

Kaiser Wing Cross in Action

Breast Triggers

Thor Hammer Breaker!!

Suggestion: If you have the Tamashii Effect parts Lightning (blue), you can totally recreate the Thor Hammer Breaker pose.

Inferno Blaster!

Comparison with original SKL

Yeah… I say Black looks better.

The Good
Figure weighs 211 Grams and 246 Grams (Wingle on)

Diecast parts include
–Sections of the torso
–Lower legs
–Main joints

-Solid figure, no bad joints issues. As expected of the SRC line.

The Bad

-Skull Pileder still not removable

-Not a fan of the dark blue color finish. I wish they just stuck with black.

-Essentially a repaint with a new headsculpt. Part of me wishes they made a full complete package from the get go, instead of us having to buy 2 versions to get a complete toy.

-Oddly, the Wingle clips easier on the version 1 rather than this one. It was a bit more difficult to attach the Wingle on this figure.

-Big package and yet no effects parts included. Pity….

The Ugly
Gah!! Sharp points!!! Dear lord, so many sharp points!! I literally lost count the number of times my fingers got poked handling the toy! Be extra careful when posing him. It was nice of Bandai to clearly note the danger points on the manual but it doesn’t lessen the pain when you do accidentally stab yourself.

Overall, a cool release. I think if they had reversed the order of releases (this version first then the one with the cape), I don’t see many folks buying the caped version. It’s all about the wings. 😉

The only way this figure would really be bad is if they released another variant down the road with the SKL-RR Bike, together with the Wingle and maintain the black colors, all in one complete package.

Closing Credits


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