Super Robot Chogokin Mazinkaiser SKL

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Super Robot Chogokin Mazinkaiser SKL

Tornado Crusher Punch

Breast Triggers

Breast Triggers ends require some parts swapping when using them as guns.

For those who missed it in all the fast-paced action scenes, the ammo clips for the Breast Triggers are the “fins” on Kaiser’s forearms.

The Breast Triggers can also be used as melee weapons.

Alternately, they can be combined and used to form Axe mode (I was hoping for an accessory of this to be included here.. no luck).

The cape (tarp?) accessory.


Comparison with original Mazinkaiser

(Weapons available only when in Wing Cross/ Full power mode)

Kaidu also only shouts the attacks when Kaiser is in full power mode.

Rust Stream
Thor Hammer Breaker
Inferno Blaster

The SKL-RR (Bike form for land mode, flying skeletal mount mode for flight mode).

The Good
-Kaiser weighs 212 Grams (260 Grams with the cape) .

For those curious, original SRC Mazinkaiser is 277 (and 308 Grams with Scrander wings on). SRC Genesic GGG is 344 Grams. .

-Diecast parts include
— lower legs
–Main (torso-connecting) joints
–Upper Torso

-Adjustable Breast Triggers so they don’t get in the way of posing.

-Manual gives a detailed account of which points are sharp on the toy (thanks Bandai!)

-Cape is decent, gives the figure a cool look. .

The Bad
-Skull Pileder still not removable

-Lol.. lots of sharp points. Despite the manual warnings I still poked myself. So be careful. .

-No Wings

-No SKL-RR bike

-Much lighter than Mazinkaiser? Was hoping for at least equal heft.

-Front section of the cape tends to pop off too easily for me.

The Ugly

Thankfully, nothing really bad to report here. .

Overall, it’s a nice update over the original release. Better tooling on some parts (chest skull), upsized scale. Even if it falls a bit short of expectations due to the lacking wings (and the Bike, too, but I guess that was expected), it’s still a solid purchase and doesn’t disappoint and the best part is, it gives folks who missed out on the first release a second chance to get this character. .

Funfact : We never hear anyone in the show refer to the machine as Mazinkaiser, they just call it “Kaiser”.

Funfact 2 : Akira Fudo and Miki Makimura (from Devilman) and Lori (Rolly?) make a cameo in the OVA .

Funfact 3: A while back we saw images of a customized SRC Mazinger in Japanese hobby Magazines, it turns out it was based on the “Mazin Brothers” design which hailed from the Mazinkaiser SKL Manga.


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