Super Robot Chogokin Mazinkaiser

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Super Robot Chogokin Mazinkaiser

Mazin Go! Pileder On!

Scrander Cross!

Mazinkaiser attacks

Reitou Beam! (Cold energy beam)

Rust Tornado!

Turbo Smasher Punch!

Fire Blaster!

Kaiser Sword!

Bandai included a second bigger sword for dramatic visual effect similar to Brave Might Gaine’s accessory.

Kaiser Nova!


Sorry, I was a bit under the weather so I didn’t dig out the Max Factory Mazinkaiser for this shot.

Group shot!

The Good
–277 Grams, Mazinkaiser only
–308 Grams, Kaiser Scrander attached

-The weigh in :
-SRC Shin Getter One – 263 Grams
-Mazinger Z – 128 Grams
-Great Mazinger – 136 Grams
-Grendizer – 171 Grams
-Shin Mazinger Z – 148 Grams

SRC Dai-Guard weighs 289 Grams. So the heaviest you ask? Depends on your choice, if we’re talking about just the base bots without the attachments (Scrander and Knot Punisher), Then Dai-Guard wins. I haven’t weighed Dai-Guard with the Knot Punisher yet though (forgot to try that, sorry). So I’m not sure who’s heaviest with the attachments on. 🙂

Diecast parts include
-Sections of the torso
-Lower legs
-Groin joints and shoulder joints.

-Bandai also made the Fire Blaster chest plates moveable so they don’t get in the way of the Turbo Smasher Punch pose.

-Bandai included the Kaiser Scrander. Lol.. at first I thought the Scrander would be a Tamashii Web Exclusive item, like the Shin Getter Tomahawk.

-My personal favorite here though is that they improved the connection slots for Mazinkaiser and Scrander, unlike the backpack/ wing connection for Shin Getter (that was a pain to work with IMHO).

-Pull out joints system still in place to help pull off awesome poses.

-Kinda surprised Bandai made the horns moveable, to do the Reitou Beam attack, I don’t think this was ever mentioned? Cool Easter Egg though….

The Bad
-Non-removable Kaiser Pileder. Unlike the Maz and Great Maz figures, which had removable Pileder and Brain Condor

-Secondary joints in the wrists tend to pop out when you try to swap fists. Putting them back in can be a chore especially when you have to put the golden “cuffs” back in as well. You can avoid this if you’re mindful of the problem.

The Ugly


Well… not really much to say here, this one knocks it out of the park, great release and really hits all the right spots. A definite must have for any Super Robot fan.

Funfact: Mazinkaiser made its debut in the Super Robot Wars Games (Super Robot Wars F Final), in the game you’re given the choice, either power up Mazinger (to the level that appears in the last episode of Great Mazinger) or expose Mazinger Z to Getter Energy and make it evolve into Mazinkaiser…. (yeaaahh…. what is this, Pokemon)?

Funfact 2: Despite its popularity, the Mazinkaiser vs Great Darkness General movie was never released Stateside (only the Mazinkaiser OVA series and the SKL series were released in the US).

Funfact 3: Supposedly, the Mazinkaiser vs Great Darkness General movie is set in a different timeline (separate universe?) from the Mazinkaiser OVA.


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