Super Robot Chogokin Reideen the Brave

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Super Robot Chogokin Reideen the Brave

God Block

God Break

God Gogun (parts swapping required for the Gogun).

God Bird

Parts swapping required

Reideen has extra “feet” included for God Bird mode, the feet (right) are slightly more angled.

Remember when folks used to hate why the SOC Reideen’s legs were plastic? Well, here’s an example of what would happen if it were diecast. The legs are too heavy and would tip the whole thing backwards.

In fairness though, the SRC Reideen is more cartoon accurate when it comes to God Bird mode, they even included the rear leg covers to make it look more spot on. Something that is missing from the SOC version.

Comparison with Soul of Chogokin Reideen.

Diecast parts include:
-Sections of the torso
-Lower legs (feet are plastic)
-Not sure about the main joints if they’re diecast ( forgot to check)

SRC Reideen weighs about 121 Grams (SOC Reideen is 251, more than double).


Even though the box is sealed, down to the tray packaging and the package was wrapped in plastic when I bought it from the store, this is what greeted me when I opened it.

Rusting on the arrow!!! I’m fairly sure this is from the factory, perhaps a reaction from the glue used on the arrow tips? Or simply some factory worker’s sweaty fingertips ? The Reideen and the chromed weapons are all good and shiny though. Anyone else encounter this? I’ve managed to gently remove 90% of the rust by rubbing it off with WD40 and coarse tissue towels (thank goodness), but there’s still blackened spots where the rust originated. Sigh… damn..

Overall, this figure is still pretty sweet (if you can get one without the rusty arrow), but I’m not sure where to place him, since Reideen is supposed to be big, I guess he’ll end up arbitrarily somewhere far from the SOCs on my shelf one day.

With the Face Rock accessory from SOC Reideen the Brave.

I find the SRC looks better next to the Mountain, but I think the SOC one is the right official scale for it.


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