Super Robot Chogokin Shin Getter One.

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Super Robot Chogokin Shin Getter One.

Battle Wing!

Getter Scythe!

Since we don’t get a Tomahawk for the SRC Shin Getter One, using the (diecast) Tomahawk from the Aoshima figure works.

Getter Beam

(requires parts swapping with the abdomen plate).

Shin Getter 1 also has an attack called the Tomahawk Lancer, where the Shin Getter launches a barrage of Tomahawks all at the same time.


With the Aoshima Shin Getter One

With the Soul of Chogokin OVA Getter One and Getter Dragon

Admittedly, the Aoshima still looks better in terms of size when placing the OVA Getters together, but the SRC isn’t too shabby either.

The Good

-Diecast parts
–Lower legs
–Upper Torso
–Shoulder and groin joints

-The weigh in :
-SRC Shin Getter One – 263 Grams
-SOC OVA Getter One – 401 Grams
-SOC OVA Getter Dragon -450 Grams
-Aoshima Shin Getter One -613 Grams

-“Pull out” joints almost everywhere to give wider range of articulation! The shoulders even have double pull out joints! Amazing!

-Innovative engineering in the hands, they’ve included a notch for the Shin to properly hold onto the scythe. This design also prevents the Scythe from “spinning” around in place while it’s being held. Bandai designers’ ingenuity never fails to impress.

-Metal pin for the Scythe. I’m pretty sure I would’ve snapped off the peg by now if it were plastic.

The Bad

-No Getter Tomahawk!

-Lack of a left “open palm” hand

-A Stoner Sunshine Effect part would’ve been nice

-Awkward neck joint, when you lean the head extremely forward, a secondary joint will appear on the nape, leaving a huge gap where the neck is. It’s cool in that the head can lean so forward, but it looks weird from the back.

-“Closed Wing” accessory would be nice.

The Ugly

Well, nothing really terrible with this release. But the missing accessories do seem like something Bandai can release later on as bundled weapons pack later on (wishful thinking).

I think if ever there was an issue with the toy it would be the super tight backpack for the Battle Wing. Taking it off for returning to the box was a pain. I think this is a regular issue with “backpack” clip-on design? As I’ve previously encountered this problem with the SRC Gunbuster Shield / cape accessory. I don’t know, it just feels like it’s harder than it has to be. Hopefully Mazinkaiser won’t have this problem with the Kaiser Scrander when he rolls out in November.

Funfact : Getter Robo Armageddon was originally started in 1998, lol… which means it took Bandai 15 years to finally release a figure based on the toy.

Funfact 2 : In the entire run of the series, Go uses the Getter Scythe more often than the Getter Tomahawk, while when Ryoma pilots the Shin Getter 1, he only uses the Scythe once and it was only mentioned in a quick scene (we don’t even see the Scythe).


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