Super Robot Chogokin Shin Mazinger Z

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Super Robot Chogokin Shin Mazinger Z.

I passed on this at first, since it felt kind of redundant to get another Mazinger again. But after getting a great deal on this I caved and bought one (here I go again, lol… 🙂 )

This version of Shin Mazinger does seem more chunky and impressive over the classic one, I’ll give it that.

Koji’s Hover Pileder is the same as Classic SRC Mazinger’s I think, only painted wholely red, including the propeller rings. The wings cannot fold down and there are no optional wings so it’s stuck in “Pileder On” mode forever.

If I recall right, Bandai reissued the Mazinger Weapons pack for this figure when it came out. So the accessories from that pack can be used with this figure.

Rocket Punch!

Breast Fire!

The Breast Fire plates are easy to swap out. Likewise, the effects parts snap on easily.

Bandai also threw in a few extras with this release, like the decapitated Garada K7 head.

Pointing (right) finger. I think this is a repaint of the accessory from Great Mazinger?

“I said pull my finger!”

Due to the difference in chest design, a different clasp is used for the Jet Scrander instead of the default one from the Mazinger Weapons pack.

Scrander Cross!

God Scrander

Scrander Cross!

It has a fair amount of articulation, but unlike the Soul of Chogokin Shin Mazinger’s God Scrander, this is about as close as it can get to forming the Big Bang Punch.


With the Soul of Chogokin Gx-45 Shin Mazinger Z

With the Classic SRC Mazinger Z

SRC Shin Mazinger weighs 148 Grams (classic SRC Mazinger weighs 127 Grams).

Diecast parts include
-Upper torso (not sure if the silver area is plastic)
-Lower legs (feet are plastic, the thighs are plastic too IIRC)
-The groin and shoulder joints

Overall, not bad, I think I like this more than the Classic SRC Mazinger right now. It’s got a tougher look and seems to have more variety in terms of accessories than the Classic SRC Mazinger (Styrofoam “rock” base,… meh..).

Now, if only they can fix the Shin Mazinger Cartoon so it won’t suck so bad.


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