Super Robot Chogokin Solar Aquarion

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Super Robot Chogokin Solar Aquarion

Solar Sword

Solar Wings

Mugen Punch (Infinity Punch)
Oversized fist for added visual effect.

Due to the various pegs and joints in the wings, it can get confusing when you pull off the wrong peg and wing section when returning the toy back into the box (it happened to me). This will hopefully help serve as a reference.

Weighs 154 Grams

Diecast parts include:
-Parts on the lower legs
-Main joints connecting to the torso
-Sections of the torso
-Thighs? (not really sure on this one, it was really cold the day I was taking pictures)

Overall, not bad, I only got this to compliment the SRC Aquarion Evol, but I think I like this more than the old GD-99 Chogokin Aquarion, mainly because at least this one can stand. Lol… But seriously, this figure is more fun to pose compared to the GD-99 Chogokin Aquarion. Plus I think the SRC has more diecast too? Proportionally, at least. From what I remember, the GD-99 only has diecast in the more important joints.


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