Super Robot Chogokin Space Emperor God Sigma

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Super Robot Chogokin Space Emperor God Sigma

Movable wings on the Big Wing

God Shield

Musou Ken!!

God Sigma has various finishing “slices” in the series.

-Musou Ken Karatakewari (slicing an opponent in half vertically, like slicing bamboo)
-Musou Ken Juumonji Kiri (cross slash)
-Musou Ken Suihei Kiri (horizontal cut)
-Musou Ken Gyaku Kesa Giri (diagonal slash)
-Musou Ken Hangetsu Giri (half moon slash)
-Musou Ken Isshin Zuki (lunging thrust)
-Musou Ken Ichimonji Giri (fast straight slash)

Like an idiot, I forgot to take a pic of Godsigma posed in Big Wing Attack mode (he only did this attack twice in the whole series). Maybe next time .

The Good

-Diecast parts include
–Main joints connecting to the torso
–Upper halves of the lower legs
–Kurai Shock cannons on Godsigma’s shoulders

-Godsigma weighs 154 Grams

-Highly poseable and is fun to handle, but I guess at this point, it’s to be expected of this line I guess (would’ve been an ultimate fail if they dropped the ball in this category too, lol . ).

The Bad
-Not much diecast compared to most SRCs nowadays

-No Sigma Breast Final attack gimmick for the wings

-Not much accessories

-No God Tomahawk ( Again? First on the SOC, then here… hnnn..)

-No chrome on the sword

The Ugly

What else? The size. It really feels like a step or two backwards. Making this figure as tall as Mazinger Z?! Why not Mazinkaiser sized? WTH Bandai?

Overall, a decent and fun figure to handle, but that’s about as good as it gets. I don’t see this hitting high sales numbers for Bandai, generally due to most folks already having the SOC version and this figure pales in comparison to that in so many ways. Plus the character itself is not really that popular I think?

It would’ve been more palatable, IMHO, if the figure was a) taller, or b) heavier or c) below $40. Sadly, it fails in all categories.

I do appreciate what Bandai’s going for here by shrinking the SRC line down in terms of scale, (“back-to-basics” ST versions of the SOC “biggies” while maintaining an acceptable SRP) but they should’ve at least tried to shoot for one of the three categories I mentioned above. The vintage ST line figures were really heavy to hold.

Sadly, I think the real casualty here will be the likely cancellation of SRC Godmars in light of low sales figures of this release. I hope I am wrong.


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