Super Robot Chogokin Tamashi Exclusive Dai-Guard Kokuboger

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Super Robot Chogokin Tamashii Exclusive Dai-Guard Kokuboger

Kokuboger is the military version of the (private company owned) Dai-guard. It has added weaponry (vulcan guns on the head and missile launchers on the forearms).

Bandai has included a rubbery antenna replacement piece in case you break the default, solid plastic one.

Drill Arm

Forearm mounted cannons (parts swapping required).

Knot Buster

The Knot Buster was originally designed for use with Dai-guard, however, it was made with military funding so the military sequestered their property from the team. Dai-guard later had a new version of the tool, the Knot Punisher.

Dai-guard and Kokuboger in action!

I think I like the toy more than Dai-guard, must be the matte finish. While it does come with the Drill arm and Knot Buster, it does not come with the Fingernet accessory that came with Dai-guard.


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