Super Robot Chogokin Tamashii Exclusive Repli-Gaogaigar

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Super Robot Chogokin Tamashii Exclusive Repli-Gaogaigar

Broken Phantom!

Protect Wall!

Plasma Hold!

Ul-Tech engine inside the Space Boosters.

Hell and Heaven!

Hell and Heaven effects parts.

These don’t really hold on that well or lock into place. They just sort of “hang” on GGG/GFG’s thumbs and can fall off with the slightest tap.

Still the effect is very, very nice.

We finally get to recreate the Repli-GGG and Gaofighgar showdown! .

Comparison with SRC regular GGG

Lighter Linear Gao windows.

Lighter shade of gold on the drills

Lol.. we now know Repli-Galeon is “evil” ‘coz of the evil eyeliner .

The Dividing Driver! (GGG Final version)

Unlike the original, the newer model is launched as 2 seperate units. Thus, it’s technically a new “Key of Victory”.

Gatling Driver!

More details on the Dividing Driver and Gatling Driver

The Good
-Weighs 303 Grams.

-Diecast parts seem to the same as the SRC GGG.

-I didn’t experience and problems with the groin joints here, unlike the SRC GGG version 1.0 . So it goes to say that they used the 2.0 figure base.

-Hell and Heaven Effects parts are a nice “bonus” .

The Bad
-Surprisingly, this set does NOT come with the optional, soft, “bendable” helmet crest, cutting costs, Bandai?

-Like the original SRC Star GGG, you still can’t equip the Phantom Ring together with the Broken Magnum effects parts at the same time. You just can’t. So, technically, the toy can’t be posed 100% with “show accurarcy”. Same goes for Protect Ring and Protect Wall. Ah, well.. I guess it’s forgivable since it would require some all-new tooling (and raising the costs). .

The Ugly
Nothing really bad to report here. .


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