Super Robots Group pics

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Chogokin Group pics

“We are Rocket Punch Generation”

Gx02R, Gx04S, Gx01R

Mazinger Elevators (Gx01X)

Go Nagai’s heroes

Double Mazinger

Super Robot Wars

Group pics taken from the Soul of Chogokin Gx-41 Reideen the Brave and
Soul of Chogokin Gx-41S Reideen the Brave Fade In Set review.

So Bandai released two versions, Pearl White and Chrome finish Reideens. If you’re unsure which version is better suited for your SOC collection, hopefully these pics can help.


Reideen, Gx-01R Mazinger, Reideen

With the old GA-09R and The Chogokin Reideen

Comparing White pearl finish vs Chrome finish.

Godannar, Reideen, Mazinkaiser

Baikanfu, Godmars, Dragonar

Kotobukiya GGG, Max Factory Godannar

Max Factory Mazinkaiser

Mazinger, Great Mazinger, Reideen, Grendizer, Gaiking

Uniform colors

Group action poses


From the Soul of Chogokin Gx-43 Tosho Daimos Review

(Addmittedly, at this point in the photoshoot I had not realized that Daimos’ ankles can be pulled out, so apologies for that.)

The Romantic Trilogy

With other SOCs

Kung Fu Robots

From the Gx-53 Daitarn 3 Review

I totally ran out of space though, I was hoping to add the Shin Jeeg, Banpresto Huckebein and Chogokin Zeta and ZZ Gundams into the mix but no dice. I used robots that appeared in the SRW games as a reference guide as who to include in the shot (with the exception of Gurren Lagann, but it’s so darn cool!) Admittedly, I needed to mix in non-Bandai Gokins to get the lineup I want.

Gokin biggies only (8 inches and up, mixed with other Non-SOC 8 inches and up figures).

SOC biggies only (8 inches and up).

Super Robot Wars (with diecast Unifive Alt Eisen and diecast Banpresto Huckebein)

I’m fairly sure there’s not one Anime-loving Filipino who doesn’t recognize these guys. 😉

From the Gx-59 Mira Robo Daltanious review

Group shots with the members of “Victory Five”

From the Gx-60 Space Emperor Godsigma review

From the Soul Spec Heavy Metal L-Gaim review

I’m not getting the Spec EVAs, since I feel that the SOC versions are better (at least in terms of diecast content) and the scale works better with the SOC EVAs than the Spec EVAs.

Featuring the cast of Another Century Episode so far.


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