Superman : Man of Steel 3.75″ Figures

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Superman : Man of Steel 3.75 Split Cycle Superman
Superman : Man of Steel 3.75 Shadow Assault Zod
Superman : Man of Steel 3.75” Zod (non-battle armor version)

I just opened Supes for now, since we don’t know yet if there will be a better version of Zod coming. But if it’s anything like the Dark Knight Rises line, yeah, most likely it’ll only be one Zod, and a ton of nonsense Supermen.

I actually like this figure, articulation aside, I might pick up an extra for my 3-year old son in the next mall sale.

The bike can be assembled. In it’s disassembled state, Superman can’t hold the bike halves.

The 3.75″ movie JLA so far.

I really wish Mattel would standardize their figures. As is, articulation varies from figure to figure.

GL-no knees, no elbows
Batman- has knees. but no elbows
Superman- no knees but has elbows



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