Takara Brave Masterpiece King Exkaiser

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Takara Brave Masterpiece King Exkaiser

I was going to skip this at first since the colors seemed a bit yellowish.. turns out it was just the packaging that caused it to look off-white, the toy is actually very white.


Combines with King Loader trailer to form King Exkaiser

A few minor problems with quality control

1) Paint chips, right out of the box, mine even had one on the face of the lion chest plate

2) My unit came with TWO RIGHT FEET?? To check if the feet are right look underneath to see if the toy’s headlights are on opposite sides… mine were both on the right.. didn’t affect the toy when robot mode though.

3) Huge chip on the sword edge.. roughly 0.5 inches long.. happened before the electroplating stage so the chip is chromed but it’s really obvious..

4) Loose neck(balljoint) for the Exkaiser stand.. practically useless..

5) plastic parts feel kinda cheap.. not really high quality stuff. Takara must be cost-cutting…

The good news is that Toy weights 480Grams and 550Grams when Exkaiser is inside. Lots of accessories(hands, projectiles) and the toy is very poseable and has ratchet joints.


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