Takara Transformers Animated Wingblade Optimus Prime

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Takara Transformers Animated Wingblade Optimus Prime.

The Wingblade Optimus is a reissue of the original Voyager Class figure but this time in clear plastic parts.

Voyager Optimus’ “standard” weapons are also included, also molded in clear plastic parts.

Optimus’ “bigger” arms are held in place by his default fists. The wings clip onto his back. The hammer is an all new sculpt (not a reuse of the Ultra Magnus hammer) and does not have any spring-loaded actions. The Hammer clips onto a peg in Prime’s bigger fists.

The wings can be rotated at various points.

In the Animated series, the Wingblade armor was made by Ratchet to help Optimus Prime have the ability of flight. The hammer belongs to Ultra Magnus, which Optimus took back after Megatron stole it.

Just like Voyager Optimus, the Wingblade Optimus stands roughly 7 Inches tall.

I thought about getting a Takara Tomy Japan version of Optimus Prime to match with the armor (I’m not really a big fan of clear figures), but after seeing the Wingblade parts attached to the US version, it doesn’t come out that bad at all. The metallic finish of the Wingblade Armor parts don’t really stick out as badly as I thought it might. So I guess the Takara Tomy version can be passed up if you already own the US version.

With the US Hasbro version.


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