Tamashii Nations Tokyo 2019 Gx-01R Mazinger Z

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Tamashii Nations Tokyo 2019 Gx-01R Mazinger Z

The manual this time is only a single page, black and white piece of paper. Sigh…

Hover Pileder

Like the original Gx-01R, the set comes with an alternate “docked mode” Hover Pileder.

Jet Pileder – the upgraded form of the Hover Pileder.

For the “docked mode”, you just simply remove the wings on the Jet Pileder.

Mazin Go!

Pileder On!

When this was first announced, I honestly thought it was a joke, or at the very least, a placeholder for something else in the works, after all, Bandai had just rolled out the Gx-70 and the other Dynamic Classics styled guys. Nope, it turns out Bandai really did it and released the Gx-01R all over again, this time as a Tamashii Nations Event exclusive. The set offers nothing new to the figure and accessories and only has a new box and a new nameplate commemorating the 2019 release. This marks the fifth version of the Gx-01R (sixth if you count the reissue run a few years back).

2002!!! Seems so long ago.

Missile Punch!

Rocket Punch!

Breast Fire!

Scrander Cross!

Mazinger later gets an upgrade and the ability to fly thanks to the addition of the Jet Scrander to his arsenal.

My memory is a bit fuzzy but if I recall correctly, the antennae on the Scrander disappears after it docks on Mazinger.

Unlike the newer Dynamic Classics Mazinger Z molds, the original Gx-01R versions’ Scranders can fold their wings up or down, for when Mazinger is in high speed flight mode.

Iron Cutter!

Drill Missile!

Southern Cross Knives!

Display Base

New nameplate featured on this display.

The Good
-Mazinger stands 6.75 inches tall and weighs 319 Grams (344 Grams with Scrander)

-Diecast parts include:
–Whole Torso
–Lower Legs
–Upper halves of the feet

-Firing gimmicks for the Rocket Punch/ Iron Cutters!! I’ve missed these, as the are no longer a gimmick on the Dynamic Classics versions.

-Same accessories as the original Gx-01R, nothing has been changed.

The Bad

-Nothing new has been added to the toy. Feels like they’ve run out of ideas, really.

-Manual is now a colorless, lifeless, single-page insert. Cheaped out, Bandai?

The Ugly
Sheesh…. improperly cut plastic on the Breast Fire plates. Easily remedied but should not be an issue at this point. Terrible QC still eh, Bandai Blue Team?

Overall, in concept, for an event exclusive, this is a misfire for Bandai IMHO. This is a straight up Gx-01R reissue with the exception of the nameplate, the box and the manual. So unless you’re up for collecting every single Soul of Chogokin ever released, or need replacement parts for the Gx-01R, then this is an easy pass for most folks. The good news is that this isn’t pricey, the price hasn’t gone up on the secondary markets, it’s still readily available at the more recent 2019 Tamashii Nations Event with Great Mazinger (according to a friend who went).


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