Tamashii Nations Tokyo 2019 Gx-02R Great Mazinger

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Tamashii Nations Tokyo 2019 Gx-02R Great Mazinger

Sigh… the manual is now a black and white, colorless, one-page piece of paper. I miss the older COLORED inserts. C’mon Bandai….

Apologies in advance, but I just didn’t feel like detaching these parts again from the tree for the fourth or fifth time. So they’ll just stay undetached in their baggies until the end of time. I really wanted to get the pieces from the previous Gx-02s but it was getting late and I didn’t have the time to dig through the boxes to find any of the older Gx-02s.

Fins for the Scrander and Booster

Attachments for the Back Spin Kick and Knee Impulse Kick.

Navel Missile

Hangers for the Mazinger Blades on the display base

Brain Condor

Alternate “docked mode” Brain Condor for plugging into Great Mazinger.

Mazin Go!

Fire On!

Welp… here we go again, folks! Just when you thought Bandai had moved on and started focusing on the newer molds of already existing figures, they pull a fast one and rerelease the older molds again, this time as convention exclusives. This marks the fourth release of the Gx-02 (fifth if you count the reissue run of the Gx-02R a few years back).

Drill Pressure Punch!

Mazinger Blade!

Double Mazinger Blade!

Great Boomerang!

Breast Burn!!

Thunder Break!!!

Great Booster
Similar with the other Gx-02R series’ Great Booster does not have the option to pop out it’s front spike, which is featured when not docked with Great Mazinger. As it is, the spike is always tucked away inside the booster for this figure. Only the original Gx-02 has the feature of deploying the spike.

Display Base

Similar to the Tamashii Nations 2019 Gx-01R Mazinger Z, this figure comes with a special nameplate to mark his 2019 release.

With the Tamashii Nations 2019 Gx-01R Mazinger Z

Double Mazingers!

Last but not least, Great Mazinger also comes with a lighter blue hand, this is for Mazinger so they can do the “handshake” pose.

The Good
-Great Mazinger weighs 391 Grams and stands roughly 7″ tall.

-Diecast parts include:
–Whole Torso
–Lower Legs
–Upper halves of the feet

-Spring-action gimmicks!!! I’ve really missed these! Present on the optional “firing” forearms, “firing” Navel Missile and the leg fins for Great Mazinger.

-Accessory-wise, everything that came with the original Gx-02R is reissued in this set.

The Bad
-Manual is now a colorless, lifeless insert. Worse, it doesn’t even come with a plastic baggie (at least TN 2019 Gx-01R did). Where’s the love, Bandai?

-Aside from the box and new nameplate and the boring manual, nothing has been added or modified with regards to the toy itself and its accessories.

-lol… made in 2002. My friend joked that we should get this figure carbon-dated, maybe these are just all dead stock that’s been repacked.

The Ugly
No real quality issues here as far as I can tell (unlike the crappy sprue on the TN 2019 Mazinger Breast Fire plate). All the spring-loaded gimmicks work and the paint work is good as usual.

Overall, I guess it’s not too bad, given that my Gx-02R has started show signs of aging (fine bubble marks on the paint on his chest), I guess this is one way of having a “pristine” version of the Gx-02R mold, and it’s not too expensive, all things considered (for an event exclusive, it’s not priced relatively high, could be due to low demand, I guess). Still, I really hope Bandai stops this here and doesn’t make this a regular thing with their Tamashii Nations events and start reissuing everybody every time there’s an event.

Bottom line, like the Tamashii Nations 2019 Gx-01R Mazinger Z, if you have the previous Gx-02 release, then you can skip this. This one is definitely for the completists only.


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