Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 Lair

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 Lair

Box measures roughly 27” x15” x 8”.

Whoo! Since this set has soo many parts, it might become difficult to just arbitrarily toss them back in the box. So here’s a quick reference guide to the layers of the tray for those who need it.

Everything in the lair can be disassembled after assembly if needed. It just requires some adult strength. If you’re familiar with the peg system on the Gi Joe Pursuit of Cobra Vamp jeep, the peg for the spare tire on that is almost the same with the peg system here.

Lair layers from the top going to the bottom

This playset is insanely huge! It spans about 40” tall when fully assembled. Luckily, you can take off the street level and place it separately from the sewer level if you lack the space. There are soooo many features, this set is just too awesome for words. 🙂


Since this requires a separate place for the end of the line to be fastened down too, I didn’t really bother. 🙂

Street Level

Abandoned pizzeria

Door slides open to lead to the working elevator.

Telephone pole and balcony with cardboard New York city alley backdrop.

Deployable fire escape.

Secret cannon inside power transformer.

Spill out mutagen ooze barrel. (Ooze sold separately).

Turtles can fit in the dumpster.

Switch releases manhole cover with ladder access.

Sewer Level.

Sewers can be accessed through manhole or through the elevator from the pizzeria.

Ooze barrel (up top) dumps into this pipe.

Swing down ladder

Various platforms

Secret computer terminal with trap platform

Don’s secret computer terminal.

Mickey’s tire swing.

Secret periscope to the streets via the dumpster

Sliding Shoji Doors (supposedly leads to Splinter’s quarters but doesn’t really go anywhere past the doors).

Shredhead training dummy.


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