Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 Shell Raiser

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 Shell Raiser

Box lay out (tires up top with the guns).

NOTE: The wheels on the Shell Raiser are one time assembly only! They can be removed, but require lots of effort. The Shell Raiser can be returned to the box with the wheels attached but you just have to change the configuration a bit and there will be some minor box bulging.

No stickers

With stickers (I can’t say I like it with the stickers).

Cannons (in the show, the top cannon actually fires compacted garbage).

Unfortunately, there’s no platform for your cannon turtle to stand on, only grab bars.

Front access ramp.

Pressing this button releases the side door and spinning turtle gimmick.

As much as I like this vehicle for the size, it really sucks that the interior is so empty, doesn’t even have chairs???

…. So the turtles just kinda pile in.

In the the new show, the Stealth Bike can be loaded into the Shell Raiser (a la Batpod from Batman : The Dark Knight ). Unfortunately, the toy can’t do that. 😉

Let’s roll!

In the series, each turtle has a specific station in the Shell Raiser.
-Leonardo –Steering and controls
-Raphael- gunner and weapons
-Donatello- computer systems
-Michaelangelo- navigation


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