TF Club (Star)Screamer’s Coronation upgrade kit for Masterpiece Starscream

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TF Club (Star)Screamer’s Coronation upgrade kit for Masterpiece Starscream

The cape is inside the cardback.

A poem(?) by Screamer.

He is a lion, sitting in my path to the Emperor of Destruction
My life reached it’s peak at the coronation.
But it is he again! He destroyed my iron body!
However, there is one thing in the universe he is unable to destroy.
That is my spark! My immortal spark!
It will never die, and my hope forever.
One day, I shall be back
Standing up and striving for my destiny.
Who am I? I am Screamer!

Catalogue for other TFC items
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Attaches to shoulder pads.

Shouldepads attaches to these little holes on StarScream’s shoulder.

Emperor Starscream!

My fellow Decepticons, as your new leader I– Who disrupts my coronation??!

Coronation, Starscream? This is bad comedy.

Megatron? Is that you?
Here’s a hint!

Will anyone else attempt to fill his shoes?

While it does look cool on MPC Starscream, there are a few flaws.
-The cape is a bit small. Starscream’s arms can’t go higher than 45 Degrees since the cape is already at its limit.

-The big shoulder pads don’t allow the armpits to spread wider than 45 Degrees as well.

-The gold paint used for the shoulder pads tends to scrape off VERY easily.

-Might want to iron the cape first to get rid of the fold lines.

The good news is that the crown fits perfectly and won’t fall off. All in all, paying $20 for it isn’t that bad a deal.


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