TF G1 Bootleg Reflector

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Transformers G1 Bootleg Reflector

The bootleggers actually used the “mail-away” Reflector box for this one instead of the Japanese packaging (G1 Reflector was only available in the US as a Mail-away figure using the robot points back in the day)

In the cartoons, Reflector was three identical Deceptions, no such luck with the G1 toy.

L-R : Spectro, Viewfinder and Spyglass

Their weapons are : the Shutter gun, Lens Laser and the Opto Blaster (according to the manual).

Camera mode.

Rear view

Again, the paint job is great but there are some problems (note that Spyglass comes with 2 right arms) and combining the three bots isn’t as smooth as I would’ve hoped but I still love the toy since it’s doubtful Takara reissue this one as well.


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