The Batman Animated – Justice League

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The Batman Animated Series ~ Justice League

Martian Manhunter (I photoshopped the eyes a bit to highlight them)


This is actually Wally West and not Barry Allen (according to the back of the card)

Can’t say I like Flash’s head sculpt. It looks like he’s constipated or something.

The back of Flash’s card says his eyes are white. Really? White?? How come Green Lantern and Hawkman have colored eyes? Sigh…


Hawkman’s huge wings are actually balanced by the wingtips

Geez, looks like Mattel ran out of green colored plastic.

Green Lantern

Finallly a Hal Jordan Animated figure! I really wished the JLU had Hal instead of John Stewart on the team.


Unevenly cut cape

In the Batman, it was Superman who was untrusting of others and at first didn’t want to join the Justice League (which felt a bit out of character for big blue).

World’s Finest

Holy Bat-Muscles, Batman!

The Justice League

Too bad the line has ended before they released Green Arrow.


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