The Batman Animates Series EXP Batmobile

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The Batman Animates Series EXP Batmobile

This is the second Batmobile to appear in the series, with the first Batmobile being stolen and repurposed by the villain Gearhead. The EXP Batmobile becomes the new standard Batmobile for Batman for the rest of the series.

Interior (again, ZERO!)

I really wish they threw in a windshield here. The hood of the car isn’t very accurate either, those shiny parts and buttons are not seen in the show.

Aside from these vehicles, Mattel also released a Batwing and the “Dark Knight Returns” Styled Batmobile (tank) from one episode. Unfortunately, they were so out of scale, I passed on them both.

I also gave up completing The Batman line due to the terrible “big heads” scale of some of the figures (Robin, Poison Ivy and Ventriloquist are the worst).

Likewise, skipping the Batcave here seemed like a good idea, since it’s nothing but a lame tower with ziplines. Kinda pricey too.


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