The CM’s Corp The Saint of Braves Great Baan Gaan giftset

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The CM’s Corp The Saint of Braves Baan Gaan giftset.

Limited to 2200 units released.


Originally meant to be the next Brave Saga from Takara following Gaogaigar, Takara decided to drop the idea as an animated series and instead release it in video game format (for Playstation 1).

From what I understand the game had cinematics which unveiled the story in stage “episodes” as the player played through the game. I never got to play the game though so I have no idea how the gameplay went.

The story centers around Gaan, a child’s sentient toy car which can transform into robot mode and later on merge with a giant trailer to form Baan Gaan.

The toys of Gaan and Sperion are really small, almost only 2 Inches tall in robot mode.

Baan Gaan!

Both Baan Gaan and Mach Sperion are triple changers. Baan Gaan can change into a truck (Gaan Dasher) a dragon (Gaan Dragon) and robot mode.

While Mach Sperion can change into jet (Mach Jet) and Mach Phoenix. I’ll try to add more pics of the alternate modes later. Though the real downside is that Mach Sperion is more of a part former, where parts are disassembled and reassembled. Also Mach Sperion doesn’t have any diecast. Diecast is mostly limited to Baan Gaan.

Mach Sperion

Baan Gaan and Mach Sperion merge to become Great Baan Gaan.

The really cool part is, the toy transforms exactly like in the video clip. Not bad given the complexity of having to cram triple changers with a fourth mode for combinining.


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