The King of Braves Gaogaigar Gao Brace Complete Edition Replica

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The King of Braves Gaogaigar Gao Brace Complete Edition Replica

Since it’s a wearable prop replica, the box is pretty big. Spanning roughly 15 x 13 x 8 inches in dimension.

Do note that the set does NOT with a manual, instead, you’ll have to download the .pdf file from this link or scan QR code printed on the bottom of the box. I guess Bandia is trying to go paperless?

To access the battery compartment, just push down the release tab with a pen or screwdriver to release the cover.

The set runs on 3x AAA batteries (batteries NOT included).

To equip the brace, you’ll have to slot in the straps yourself. This is how it should look.

Sadly, due to the plastic loops for the strap, the Brace is VERY uncomfortable to wear, especially over long periods of time.

Remember to plug in the shortened Will Knife to “complete the look”.


A 1:1 scaled replica of Shishio Guy’s Gaobrace from the King of Braves Gaogaigar series. Created by GGG (Gutsy Geoid Guard) to house the G-Stone which powers Guy’s cyborg body, the Gao Brace also serves as sheath for holding Guy’s Will Knife.

Electronics demo of the Gao Brace. There are tow music tracks included with the Gao Brace, the opening theme for the King of Braves Gaogaigar (“Yuusha-Oh Tanjou”), which spans 95 seconds, and the “Final Fusion” BGM music, which spans 46 seconds.

The replica features over 100 different voice clips and sound effects, along with two aforementioned music tracks. Bandai also got voice actor Nobuyuki Hyuma to come back and record fresh new voice clips instead of reusing audio files from the Anime series from 26 years ago.

There are two settings for the electronics. As far as I can tell, the single stud is the “demo” mode, whereby everything Guy tries to do almost fails due to whatever reason (lack of power?). To get the “real” audio tracks, you’ll have to set it to the “two studs” setting.

Once activated, everything is controlled by these two buttons. The left one is for music, while the right button is for speech.

The brace features LED lights for the G-Stone as well as the “eyes” on the Lion head.

Collapsing the front section will activate the projector that Guy uses to summon Galeon, the mecha lion. Sadly, this replica doesn’t really “project” anything, it just shines light.


Alternate “full blade” Will Knife included.

To swap out the blades, just push on the red jewel on the hilt of the knife to release the lock and push out the default blade.

Made from G-Stone, the Will Knife’s sharpness depends on Guy’s willpower.

The “full” Will Knife is roughly 12.5 inches long.

Overall, to be honest, it’s a bit disappointing. While it looks great and the finish really looks cool, that’s about it.

Electronics-wise I do wish they made the G-Stone fully light up. Instead, all we get is an LED beam shining on the G-Stone from one corner, which doesn’t produce the same effect as say, having the back of the stone shine outwards. Likewise, I was hoping the projector for Galeon actually projected the Galeon logo, like on the old Takara Gao Brace. Nope. It just shines another light. Tsk…

I also found the brace quite uncomfortable to wear, as it ends to scrape the back of your hand (there really should’ve been some padding on the underside of the brace). Not really the best execution for wearing something over long periods of time.

For the price they’re charging (especially in the western markets), I honestly expected more. This one is definitely something for the Gaogaigar diehard fans (like myself) and not for the casual collector.


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