Thundercats 2011 Thunder Racers

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Thundercats 2011 Thunder Racers

Since these appeared on the show in one episode, I guess getting them while on sale price to complete the Thunder Tank was a good idea.



The figures have the same body and legs but not the same arms.

The Thunder Racer

Lion-O’s Thunder Racer

Tygra’s Thunder Racer

Little LED light…

…is activated when you press the back of the Racer….

….which in turn activates the button up front. The gimmick is also same for Lion-O. Figures must be inserted in the c0ckpit for the gimmicks to work though.

You can snap on both weapons to balance the racer. Attaching only one will make the racer tip to one side.

Lol… the size difference with the default Thunder Racers is … just … lol…

Thundertank with the default Thunder Racers equipped.

With the actual Thunder Racers.

I sort of wish I could get my hands on Mumm-Ra’s tank, the Storm Charger one day. Too bad it didn’t make it out locally.


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