Thundercats 2011 Tower of Omens playset

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Thundercats 2011 Tower of Omens playset

Seeing this on sale for less than 30% its original price seemed like a good steal. But after opening it up, it still seemed kinda lame….

Placing a Thundercat next to the Lion’s nose will make the doors swing open (how would that work in the show? They toss up Snarf to the scanner?).

As far as I can recall, this vehicle never appeared in the show.


It’s a bit small IMHO.

The Tower of Omens. In the series, this only appeared in one or two episodes, the ‘Cats moved on with their quest to get the Book of Omens back after finding the Lair, instead of trying to build a base like Cat’s Lair back in the old cartoon, making this playset even more pointless.

Tower Stands roughly 20 inches tall.

Now, everything in the playset can be disassembled and replaced back into the box, but I’m not so sure about the two halves at the top, so I didn’t plug them all the way in. There’s supposed to be a spring gimmick for it but I just didn’t bother.

Riding the elevator all the way to the top will activate the beacon and you will hear Lion-O go “Thundercats Ho!” over and over again until you lower the elevator. That’s about it.

3 LR44 batteries (included) are required to run the tower.

Overall, I’m not impressed with this set, even at ridiculous 500 PhP sale price s it seems too simple. I think I’d rather get another Thunder Tank for that price.


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