TMNT 2012 High Flyin’ Blimp

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TMNT 2012 High Flyin’ Blimp

The blimp also comes with a “repair kit” for possible tears in the balloon. Thanks, Playmates!

The front landing “wheels” seems to be a “one time assembly” thing, so I suggest not plugging it all the way in if you plan to return the toy to the box.

The drop line concept was okay, but I think I prefer it better if they used automatic “retracting” ziplines going up instead. It’s very cumbersome to manually wind the ropes for the drop lines afterwards in order to reset the play feature, also I think it would’ve been better if they had used loop belts instead of just clips for snagging the Turtles onto the drop lines.

Luckily, the turtles can be properly “secured” into place via these optional little holders, but you can’t use the holders to work in conjuction with the dropline gimmick, it’s just for holding the heroes aboard the Blimp for transport.

Overall, not bad.

I was disappointed that the glider doesn’t readily detach and go into flight mode like it did in the original vintage toy. If you detach the glider here it requires deflating the blimp again first before you can reattach the glider back to its pegs. I’m not sure if this was also the case with the original toy?

The biggest fun factor for me with this one was the size. My kids loved the huge blimp and ran around the house “flying” with it.


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