TMNT Fast Forward

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TMNT Fast Forward

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Technically Season 6 of the TMNT animated series from 2003. It starts with the TMNT and Master Splinter getting blasted 100 years into the future by accident, this one is the latest and perhaps last installment of the current TMNT franchise. It lasted only 26 episodes and was not picked up for a second season. The ending of the last episode did not show if and how the TMNT will get home. It only shows them defeating Sh’Okanabo and Viral once and for all. There is talk of relaunching the series later on to coicide with the Movie sequel timeline.

I really love the new look of the TMNT, the sculpt is very proportional. The clear plastic “energy” weapons are also very cool. The addition of the knee and ankle joints are nice touch. Now if they only had the foresight to give them elbows.





With each sector of the New New York in the year 2105 housing various alien species and environments, the TMNT are all strapped with environment packs to help them breathe easier and resist the changes in gravity and understand alien languages (hence the new costumes).

It’s Ninja time!!

As much as I liked the new show, I can’t stand Cody Jones. Also the figures are somewhat off scaled (Sh’Okanabo is so small his mouth is at the level of the TMNT’s belt buckle.. weird!)

Fightin’ Gear Leo, Fast Forward Leo and regular Leo

Fightin’ Gear Don, Fast Forward Don and regular Don

Fightin’ Gear Raph, Fast Forward Raph, regular Raph

Fightin’ Gear Mikey, Fast Forward Mikey, regular Mikey.


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