Toys-Box Iron Man 1/12 Workshop Testing Platform

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Toys-Box Iron Man 1/12 Workshop Testing Platform

Box set 1 of 2

Box set 2 of 2

I was surprised to find that the “rings” are just cardboard and it’s a cut up circle, as opposed to a full ring.

Be mindful that the plastic in most areas is very thin and brittle.

Since this set is made from acrylic, you will have to peel off the protective film from the center base. It’s a bit annoying to do, since pieces of the paper cover will break off and you will have to repeatedly scratch somewhere else to get peeling again.

15 minutes later…

As with the other Toys Box items, this thing will run on its own power supply, complete with adapter plug.

An optional stand is included for holding figures in place. Do note that the stand is clear plastic and it feels quite brittle, so handle with care.

Fully assembled!!

Fully assembled, the whole thing has a diameter of roughly 12 inches wide.

I initially thought these parts would light up. They don’t… darn..

The LED light at the center is a bit lacking. I was really hoping for something brighter than what it can produce. A bit of a let down really…

You can hardly make out the lights are on in this pic when my camera lights are turned on.

Overall, I feel this is the weakest unit among the 3 that Toys Box produced, with the thin plastic and dim LED lighting, it just doesn’t come off right. Luckily it’s not too expensive and it does its part of “set dressing” good enough. Just don’t put a Hulkbuster on it to prevent breaking the platform?


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