Transfomers Encore Ironhide & Ratchet

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Transformers G1 Encore#5 Ironhide
Transformers G1 Encore#6 Ratchet


Comes with cardboard cut-out heads for more animation accuracy.

Vehicle modes

Robot mode

Hehe, the original “heads” for the toys are the stickers on the car seats.

Using the cardboard head (you can shove the cardboard into the gaps near the seat)

Not much of an improvement but beats the “headless” look… I guess, just don’t look at them from the side. LOL

The “roofs” and backpart of the car also transforms into a mini attack vehicle.

Finally, the robot modes can “ride” the attack vehicles (there’s a slot for the feet to fit into).

Decent amount of diecast, mainly the feet, the windshield frame, the frames/ joints that connect to the arms.

My only real gripe is the bad Takara QC is back, lots and lots of fingerprint smudges on the chrome and tarnish markings on certain areas. I recommend wiping down the toy ASAP when you plan to open it to avoid further rusting caused by the fingerprints (if you’re particular about those kinds of things).

Heh, I’m glad I didn’t bite bullet 3 years ago and purchase the original reissues at $150 each on Ebay. Really not worth that price IMHO. Even at $30 each it feels a bit over priced.


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