Transfomers Masterpiece MP-21 Bumblebee

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Transfomers Masterpiece MP-21 Bumblebee

For the unfamiliar, Volkswagen Beetles only have side view mirrors on the left, none on the right.

Laser gun exclusive face plate.

Man, I never thought Volkswagen would give in and give us a Bumblebee (they didn’t allow him in the Binaltech line back in the day). I’m glad we’re getting various-sized MP G1 characters now.

Removable license plate, for inserting spare tire.

Exosuit Spike

Terrible headsculpt… is this Spike or Daniel?!?

Hmm… scale issues…?

Uhhh… how is Spike supposed to sit inside Bumblebee now?!


Ah well, at least the scale is perfect for the robot mode.

….or is it?

Bumblebee is a lightweight… 62 Grams?!

He’s also only about the same size as the Deluxe figure. (Don’t mind the head, that’s from Beelzeboss “Growing Pains” upgrade set on a TF United Bumblebee).

The coin

“Kid identification” character. .


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