Transformers 16-Bit Sega Mega Drive Megatron

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Transformers 16-Bit Sega Mega Drive Megatron

The Controller cable plugs into the fusion cannon, this is not shown in the manual and you will have to figure it out a bit.

Megadrive Megs stands roughly 7.5″ tall (counting shoulders).

The figure can be a bit hard to stand. The feet also tend to close up a bit too easily when you’re posing the figure.

Powered by 16-Bits!!!!

Also powered by Sonic the Hedgehog! lol…

Fusion cannon

Wait… so if he’s black Megatron, does that make him Nemesis Megatron, if so, then he’s one of the good guys? .

Device mode. The Sega Mega Drive system.

When transforming Mega Megs, watch out for his skirt plates, they tend to get snagged when you fold in his legs.

Controller plugs into the port, but you have to remove the port cover first. .

Surprisingly, all the buttons on the controller can be depressed. All of them! That was a nice touch.

I was originally going to pass on this due to size of the figure (roughly 1/4 the size of the original Mega Drive Console) but I gave in when I saw the upcoming Optimus Prime Playstation figure. .

The device mode is indeed a bit small and I guess the best scale for it would be NECA’s Quarter Scale figure line or the Generations Metroplex or the Fewture Action Toys Ultimetal Optimus Prime figure. .


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