Transformers 1986 Animated Movie BluRay (Australia version)

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Transformers 1986 Animated Movie BluRay (Australia version)

I snagged this from Ebay. Currently, it’s the only way to get the movie in Bluray format, thanks to a certain company holding the current “Transformers The Movie” rights and not planning on releasing any copies of the 1986 movie soon.


Sadly, as great as these features are, they don’t seem to play when I select them from the menu. The movie itself plays fine but nothing from the “extras” work (apart from the audio commentary track). I’m not sure if it’s because I’m using a Region 1 PS3 (the disc is Region 4 I think) or if the disc is defective. I’ll have to try again on an actual Bluray machine and not just on the PS3 to confirm this. Too bad, I really wanted to watch Scramble City.


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