Transformers 2007 Movie Leader Class Megatron

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Transformers 2007 Movie Leader Class Megatron


Non-Biological Entity-01
Leader of the Decepticons (and Prime’s brother?)

“I am Megatron!”

Megatron’s right hand extends out to become a chain whip weapon.

Megatron’s left arm becomes his fusion cannon. One has to put both arms together to emulate the scene from the movie. It flips back in when you release the trigger. I jammed in a piece of paper in the trigger to keep the cannon in place.

“It’s Megatron! Retreat!”

“Go! Fall back!!!”

“Come here, cretin.”

“You want a piece of me, huh? You want a piece?”


“… I want 20 TWO!!!”


“Humans don’t deserve to live.”

“They deserve to choose for themselves!”

“–Then you shall die with them!”

“Join them in extinction!!!!”


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