Transformers 2007 Movie Leader Class Optimus Prime

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Transformers 2007 Movie Leader Class Optimus Prime


The Leader of the Autobots

The eyes and chest plates light up but too bad they’re yellow not blue.

I love the fact that they gave the figure jointed fingers.

Prime’s gun

It folds out from the side. But if you look closely at the movie, Prime draws his gun from his back (sort of like how DBZ’s Trunks draws his sword). It’s a shame they didn’t put Prime’s sword in with the figure. There’s a rumor going around that later versions of LC Prime will have the sword.

This figure is really poseable.

Prime VS. Bonecrusher


“It’s just you and me now, Megatron.”

“— At the end of this day, one shall stand and one shall fall.”

With the MP01

Something to look out for:
A portion of the tabs for locking Prime’s arms is actually painted (marked red). Continous transforming will cause that portion’s paint to chip.

Vehicle mode. A Peterbilt 379 Truck

With the MP01 Trailer.

A bit too big for Movie Prime. I hope Michael Bay will give movie Prime his own trailer in the sequel(s)


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